About us

My name is Toluwase i am a full time blogger and the author of this tutorial blog call www.thewikiweb.com

i'm 100% sure you are here to know about this blog right? i'm not too tough in tell about my passion on this project, anyway but i will give it a short and add some picture and why i created this blog.

Well, This is a blog which i made to teaching IT,Blogging,Content management,and Programming.

I created this nice blog to teach the best of  IT, Blogging, Content, Coding
i don't just choose to blog on this categories anyway, the passion i had for this categories drive me to making this blog.

I am a certified Ethical hacker, Blogger, Web-designer, Programmer and a Content developer. I would say this are the terms that really course me to making this blog.

My first time to learn all this stuff i had above stated was complicated honestly i do research all day and night but i say they would sometime proved futile not knowing is it because i had it because i had never gotten a good tutor i stopped every thing then.

I started over again and by now i can boldly say i'm doing fine with my skills
Thanks to some of my friend that had help me throughout my way and now i had gotten to some IT certificates.

By this i have create this blog to teach you guy all have learn and more than it
Therefore look foreword to nice, descriptive, and detailed articles and blogpost on this blog www.thewikiweb.com



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