Thursday, 28 December 2017

How Cloud Computing Works?

You might have heard about cloud computing. It is a technology that has changed the way
organizations operate. With the help of this technology, businesses need not have to spend on the
multiple versions of the single software. Yes, rather than making numerous installations on all
systems in the organization, they can install on a single system. This system can turn out to be the

Thus, cloud computing helps in saving cost on applications. Once installed on their server, employees
working for the organization can gain access to the software. Remote machines owned by another
cloud computing service provider run everything for the business. Yes, they can run everything right
from e-mail to word processing to complex data analysis programs.
A considerable workload shift:

Yes, cloud computing is contributing to a substantial workload shift. It relieves the local system from
heavy lifting for running applications. Instead, the association of computing systems that make the
cloud will take care of the same. In turn, it brings down the demand for the software and hardware
on the user.
The systems of users need only a single thing. Yes, they should have the ability to run the interface
software of the cloud computing system. It can even be a simple web browser. The cloud network
will pay attention to the rest.

Have you used cloud computing earlier?
Many of us have done this, but without our knowledge. Yes, most of us have an email account these
days. We use any of the web-based email services like Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail.
If you use any of these services, it means that you have experience in cloud computing. You are not
running an email program on your computer to access these services. You just log in to your email
account using a web browser. The storage and software for your account are not present in your
system. They are present on the cloud computer of the service provider.

How does cloud computing work?
It is possible to get a better knowledge of the working of cloud computing, by dividing it into a
couple of sections. The sections include the back end and the front end. Both these parts connect to
each other via a network, which is usually the web. The latter is the side the user or client sees, while
the former is the cloud section of the service provider.

What does front-end encompass?
The front end encompasses the computer or network computer of the client. It will have all the
applications needed for accessing the cloud computing system. Here, all cloud computing systems
do not have the same user interface. Yes, services like email programs use the already existing web
browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer. On the other hand, other systems have dedicated
applications that provide network access to the clients.

How about backend?
In the back end of the system, there will be different data storage systems, servers, and computers
that create the cloud of the computing services. Theoretically, a cloud computing system could
encompass practically any computer program that you can imagine right from data processing to
video games. In general, each application will have its dedicated server.

What does the central server do?
The cloud computing system will also have a central server for administering the system. It also
takes care of traffic monitoring and the demands from clients. In short, it ensures that everything
runs smoothly.

It goes behind the set of rules known as protocols. It also employs a type of software known as
middleware. It will permit the computers in the network to communicate with each other. In most
instances, servers do not run at their full capacity. Yes, there is an unused processing power that
goes to waste.