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10 Critical Tip You Should Invest To Learn Programming Faster

10 Critical Tip You Should Invest To Learn Programming Faster

10-Critical-Tip-You-Should-Invest-To-Learn-Programming-Faster on

Have you ever taught to learn programming faster as in just day as i had done with c programming and able to learn other programming languages since i had go trough the basic of all programming languages faster?
anyway here is the tips to learning programming faster, i wont waste time so we shall quickly go to the entire list which i had complied for your benefits to learn faster.
before we move on i believed you had gone tough my earlier post on how to choose a programming language to learnif you have done this its much more prettier and if no i urge you to read the full entire post it after you had choosing a programming language that suite you you  can learn programming faster

10 Critical Tip You Should Invest To Learn Programming Faster 

10-Critical-Tip-You-Should-Invest-To-Learn-Programming-Faster on

1. Choose the right programming language : does this seems silly no never think this is silly you first had me saying you should choose the best programming language that suite you this is the one or i call it the ultimate of sustaining your life as a good programmer. Its after you had choose the programming language that suite you you can now sit and follow up with number two of this blogpost

2. About The Language : programmers don't sit or sleep either they code or do research or any thing related to their environments,,, on you research
Learn About The Programme You Had Choose You can read my formal post.
Why You Should Learn It And It's Uses.
What You Can Make With The Programming Language And Lot More

3. Be Passive : passion the is second thing you had you create no yielding stuff can be without passion, create passion, yes i mean you should create passion just like the way you did with those guys and ladies you meet around *winks* so, create some kind of passion with your preferred language and with it's environment make you code faster then you should learn programming faster

10 Critical Tip You Should Invest To Learn Programming Faster 

Now that you have choose the right programming, create passion and familiar with your environment: let get started with the 10 critical tips you should invest to learn programming
here is the main post on this post i will disclose the 98% of areas where you should focus to learn any programming language faster now to move on are you ready  , set, goooooooooooo!!!

1. Workspace Setup : you really need to setup and environment to learn programming language faster, so that you can compile and execute your codes and at the same time when you are learning you can test your source codes

2. Programme structure : learn the programme structure, i mean look at a bear minimum structure so that you can take it as reference to to learning fast.

3. Basic syntax : basic syntax simply mean the simplest token of every programming language some call it hello world! codes it teaches you how to write the simplest code that show something on your screen that's just it.
while you learn, learn what is....

Ending statements
Reserved words

4. Comments : learning how to comment in your programme is a cool and important act to implement to learn faster, with this function you can explain your code and make it readable if you sent it to any body for review or you personally wont to quickly grab something about a code

5. Data types : data type is refers to the extensive word used for declearing variables or function of different types this will set how much space the data you want to store would occupies in the storage and how bit pattern stored is interpreted.

6. Scope rules : Scope in programming languages is a region of the programme where defined variable can have it existence and beyond the variable it can not be accessed. 

7. Variables : variables is a name given to a storage where your programmes can manipulats either you put operator or not.

8. Operators : operators are normal symbol we use to perform some specific mathematical function(addition,subtraction,multiplication,division, increment and dicrement) e.g  +, -, *, --, %, ++, and /

9. Statement / Decision Making : this path deal with telling computer to do some basic thing if something is okay, good, or right and do other thing else if its not okay,good, or right... it simple anyway! 

10. Loop : Loop is used when you got to some situation when block of codes require to be excute in bunch of number of times, in this path statements are excuted according to there number in the code.

11. Array :Array is used to sore collection of data and call it individually when needed master this topic very well.

12. Structures : Structure is used to represent a record its simple and cool to learn you just need to master its syntax and go advanced.

13. Input And Output : As the name implies input and output, it mean the means of feeding some data to a programme and displaying some data on the screen, printer, or in any file and in any format.

14. File I/O : This is the last chapter you should explore deep it cover how programmers can create, open, close, file for there data storage, so this chapter will take you through the important calls for file managements

Now  that you have the basic steps to learning programming faster i hope is should be no problem in learning programming faster at most to learn your first programming languages  should not cost you more than two week with this Descriptive guided i had given you,
I hope by now you had gotten some basic and advance tip to learning programming faster please kindly drop your comment let me know your own view about this content or you might have any question or a particular number where you want me to dig more THANKS.


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