Wednesday, 13 September 2017

What Is Blogging

 What Is Blogging 


Blogging is not too tough as you've taught but the secrete that behind Blogging is that the more you are addicted to it the more you face issues, fixes them and that makes you a guru blogger yea, you doubt it? ,i mean a GURU_BLOGGER"
I’m glad you landed on my first post on this blog and to be honest I’m so happy having you here thanks for that anyway.
Yea lets unlock the Topic and as well as my blog first blogpost
Here we are, this topic it comprises of the following... 

1. What is a blog/web log

2. What is blogging

3. How to make a blog

now let start one by one so we can make our what is blogging topic easy to learn, I intentionally broke this topic to sub-content so I can have time/space to expatiate them one after one to depth. 
      What is a blog : from history and researched on search engines a blog is the same as a web-log, but how was this word/keyword BLOG  derived,
Certainly to my view and searches it was derived from the two words web and log. The first letter ‘B’log was derived from “WEB” and the order LOG
Before we move further what is Web, Log, and BLOG entirely

i.   WEB : thanks to wikipedia; a web is a space of document on the Internet where you can access information over the medium of the Internet. It is an information-sharing model that is built on the Internet. I hope this is cool?

ii.  LOG : Log has a very simple and attractive definition, without stress I discover log is just a space of recording information. I could remember those old days at secondary school that my school principal does not like anything else than the LOG and the MEMO book  he opens new record every day,, I hope you now understand what I mean by a BLOG: its a simple arithmetic WEB + LOG and you will arrived at the very BLOG or WEBLOG i.e


      Now to your view and to all this that I have explained above what should be the term blogging. In English most word that end in ING carried a present tense tag? I hope I’m good in English, lol.  Blogging is the management and operating either a personal,business, or organization BLOG, which you would be uploading your daily stuff in it.

          HOW TO START A BLOG  :

      Making a blog is so easy this days you can get a blog in any how so far you can afford some little bucks. And beside there are lot of free blog out there thou they are not 100% reliable but in-case you are on the start you can use a free one now, and later change to premium once, mind you we are still  on >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
      How to make a blog : welcome back ; so to make a blog you need to learn any of the following.


i.               WordPress : as of the moment I write this post wordpress is the most used CMS and I’m sure you’ll love it its cool, easy to use and it build with lots of design which mean you can switch to any new design you prefer much better at any time.

ii.               Jomoola : As of the moment i write this post jomoola is the second ranked most used CMS and it also like WordPress it cool and you can tweak the design the way you like

iii.              Drupal : This is the third one you are to use if you would be creating a professional blog. most people find it more complicated than any CMS but i believe it just require time to mastering  it.

And the last ones that I will tagged and include here are free open space where you can  make a blog in mins

i.        : Mind you blog is quite different from the WordPress it told you to learn but with its a free blog host, you can get a free blog you can use for the main time you will be buoyant to go premium and if you are buoyant enough you can employ someone to do it for you if you can do it or if you are timeless but, I implore you learn and do it your self, that’s the good act

ii.          : google blog or google hosted blogs, this blog is also free blog host you can easily opt-in with you google account details and create a blog that all


So far so good by now I hope you have learnt how to make a blog, understand what a blog mean and what is blogging in all… thank you for time.. I love to here from you if you appreciate my words or get any question or qualms do drop comment and I will instantly reply you thanks  


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