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How Cloud Computing Works?

You might have heard about cloud computing. It is a technology that has changed the way
organizations operate. With the help of this technology, businesses need not have to spend on the
multiple versions of the single software. Yes, rather than making numerous installations on all
systems in the organization, they can install on a single system. This system can turn out to be the

Thus, cloud computing helps in saving cost on applications. Once installed on their server, employees
working for the organization can gain access to the software. Remote machines owned by another
cloud computing service provider run everything for the business. Yes, they can run everything right
from e-mail to word processing to complex data analysis programs.
A considerable workload shift:

Yes, cloud computing is contributing to a substantial workload shift. It relieves the local system from
heavy lifting for running applications. Instead, the association of computing systems that make the
cloud will take care of the same. In turn, it brings down the demand for the software and hardware
on the user.
The systems of users need only a single thing. Yes, they should have the ability to run the interface
software of the cloud computing system. It can even be a simple web browser. The cloud network
will pay attention to the rest.

Have you used cloud computing earlier?
Many of us have done this, but without our knowledge. Yes, most of us have an email account these
days. We use any of the web-based email services like Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail.
If you use any of these services, it means that you have experience in cloud computing. You are not
running an email program on your computer to access these services. You just log in to your email
account using a web browser. The storage and software for your account are not present in your
system. They are present on the cloud computer of the service provider.

How does cloud computing work?
It is possible to get a better knowledge of the working of cloud computing, by dividing it into a
couple of sections. The sections include the back end and the front end. Both these parts connect to
each other via a network, which is usually the web. The latter is the side the user or client sees, while
the former is the cloud section of the service provider.

What does front-end encompass?
The front end encompasses the computer or network computer of the client. It will have all the
applications needed for accessing the cloud computing system. Here, all cloud computing systems
do not have the same user interface. Yes, services like email programs use the already existing web
browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer. On the other hand, other systems have dedicated
applications that provide network access to the clients.

How about backend?
In the back end of the system, there will be different data storage systems, servers, and computers
that create the cloud of the computing services. Theoretically, a cloud computing system could
encompass practically any computer program that you can imagine right from data processing to
video games. In general, each application will have its dedicated server.

What does the central server do?
The cloud computing system will also have a central server for administering the system. It also
takes care of traffic monitoring and the demands from clients. In short, it ensures that everything
runs smoothly.

It goes behind the set of rules known as protocols. It also employs a type of software known as
middleware. It will permit the computers in the network to communicate with each other. In most
instances, servers do not run at their full capacity. Yes, there is an unused processing power that
goes to waste.

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How To Be A Programmer In Two Weeks


How To Be A Programmer In Two Weeks

welcome are you looking forward to being a programmer in two weeks? i want to hire you for some minutes. the work i have for you is to read this article you can be a programmer in two weeks you doubt this? I'm sure some answer are NO many are Thomas but it should be YES its quite possible honestly but i would say it depend on the how, why, where, what, time you dedicated to learning programming. in this post i will reveal the 6 top secrete behind being a programmer in just two weeks let get started with no waste of time......... imagine you are a boss and you want to train a boss-boy that will be your next of kin then probably you would not waste time on irrelevant tuts to newbie, imagine someone that don't know "what is programming" and you start for him with 'how to make a game' it seems ridiculous right,? I'm 100% sure you would move to teaching the boss-boy-to-be the basic and the key points to being a programmer at first so that he could learn in two weeks or your schedule time now stop dreaming let move on how do i start to being a programmer in two weeks: if you had read my earlier post on how to learn programming faster I'm sure the step compiled here should not be somehow tough and whereas you had not i guess you go back no kw and check the post in it, i package some good stuff to being a programmer faster but on this post i am revealing the secret to being a programmer in two week


How To Be A Programmer In Two Weeks


Yes i assume you are a newbie first timer, or you are into programming and not getting it well, yea i got you, you belong to one of this categories, you should know what is meant by programme at first, i wonder if you want to know about me, you neglected to know my name, my age, my native, origination, my complexion, my class, what i do and the likes, you just looks at me and say you want to use me to execute some task for you, if you were me what would you call me a daft, I'd rather lols that just what you should put to action,,,its fun?


How To Be A Programmer In Two Weeks

Honestly if you would be a successful programmer then you must be a researcher i mean learn how to use search engines, i could remember my days when i started to learn programming the i asked a question from a guru and i was revered to  after that "mario" suggested i learn  how to use google lols... it seems much more insulting i just bear the pain of that moment and i ask other guy then on telegram those guy still refer me to google, after some time i master the art of using keywords and this has help me a lot, so i also suggest this for you master the art of searching you problem online almost 85% of problem are solved already so mastered this point and not it down


How To Be A Programmer In Two Weeks

As this sub heading implies learn the art of programming programmer has there own way of acting just like doctor also does programmer are readers notjust  code writers, programmer observes, plan, write, test, and debug errors if you are hearing this for the first time i guess you should learn  more on this words that i have just highlighted got this?


How To Be A Programmer In Two Weeks

Now that you have gone trough all the above stuffs and you have put them on top use Reading my Top 10 Critical Tip You Should Invest To Learn Programming Faster is what should read


How To Be A Programmer In Two Weeks - click to choose programming languages

Time is the most precious thing yes but as for the poem my teacher taut me when i was in grade 7 i quote that "there is time for every thing time for duties and time for joke  play while you play and work while you work to be useful and happy all that you do do it with you mind to be useful and happy" From my poem you must have gotten my point and if  no,, now i explain that the most factor that could determine if you would learn in two week depend on the time you have dedicated to learning. I suggest if you can spent 18 - 20 hour daily on programming, i'm sure programming should not cost you more than 14days  but if you are focus in learning programming in two week.


How To Be A Programmer In Two Weeks

Attention is what you need mostly to acquiring your aim of being a programmer in two weeks this can not be done with all i had stated earlier if you had not joined this, my first quotes is the poem read it again please you could see i said " all that you do, do it with your mind to be useful and happy " if you put away this particular part i label Number 6 I'm not sure if it would not be had to quire your desire in just two weeks.


when i starts most of my friend taut i was not serious with programming but i have out all this thing i put together here into action and when i had got what i need i just tease them none of then know how good i am, they wonder how a focused biology scientist like me could study programming and can write codes none of my friend that i starts with would never believed i can write even tougher as i can because i had never got a mentor or teacher to a extent, and beside I'm not a computer scientist i know you would also doubt it but that the fact about me,,, I'm a medical student.............. next post you I'll love it navigate to home and you will find it on top post.


I believed you got something valuable here today i had pile this articles with the step i had used and it works i learn almost in two week after i had discover this method then i was able to write my first code, I'm sure if you had follow this step you should learn at most withing a most a language should not cost you a month and if you had mastered one, every other language you want to learn would be much more easier because all those language are related the only difference in them is the way they are being write or i call it syntax just like the way we talk every human language,,,,the first thing is greeting right and after that you had to start composing your own way of talking... mind me not that make sure you practice my step i look froward to seeing you has a great programmer

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10 Critical Tip You Should Invest To Learn Programming Faster

10 Critical Tip You Should Invest To Learn Programming Faster

10-Critical-Tip-You-Should-Invest-To-Learn-Programming-Faster on

Have you ever taught to learn programming faster as in just day as i had done with c programming and able to learn other programming languages since i had go trough the basic of all programming languages faster?
anyway here is the tips to learning programming faster, i wont waste time so we shall quickly go to the entire list which i had complied for your benefits to learn faster.
before we move on i believed you had gone tough my earlier post on how to choose a programming language to learnif you have done this its much more prettier and if no i urge you to read the full entire post it after you had choosing a programming language that suite you you  can learn programming faster

10 Critical Tip You Should Invest To Learn Programming Faster 

10-Critical-Tip-You-Should-Invest-To-Learn-Programming-Faster on

1. Choose the right programming language : does this seems silly no never think this is silly you first had me saying you should choose the best programming language that suite you this is the one or i call it the ultimate of sustaining your life as a good programmer. Its after you had choose the programming language that suite you you can now sit and follow up with number two of this blogpost

2. About The Language : programmers don't sit or sleep either they code or do research or any thing related to their environments,,, on you research
Learn About The Programme You Had Choose You can read my formal post.
Why You Should Learn It And It's Uses.
What You Can Make With The Programming Language And Lot More

3. Be Passive : passion the is second thing you had you create no yielding stuff can be without passion, create passion, yes i mean you should create passion just like the way you did with those guys and ladies you meet around *winks* so, create some kind of passion with your preferred language and with it's environment make you code faster then you should learn programming faster

10 Critical Tip You Should Invest To Learn Programming Faster 

Now that you have choose the right programming, create passion and familiar with your environment: let get started with the 10 critical tips you should invest to learn programming
here is the main post on this post i will disclose the 98% of areas where you should focus to learn any programming language faster now to move on are you ready  , set, goooooooooooo!!!

1. Workspace Setup : you really need to setup and environment to learn programming language faster, so that you can compile and execute your codes and at the same time when you are learning you can test your source codes

2. Programme structure : learn the programme structure, i mean look at a bear minimum structure so that you can take it as reference to to learning fast.

3. Basic syntax : basic syntax simply mean the simplest token of every programming language some call it hello world! codes it teaches you how to write the simplest code that show something on your screen that's just it.
while you learn, learn what is....

Ending statements
Reserved words

4. Comments : learning how to comment in your programme is a cool and important act to implement to learn faster, with this function you can explain your code and make it readable if you sent it to any body for review or you personally wont to quickly grab something about a code

5. Data types : data type is refers to the extensive word used for declearing variables or function of different types this will set how much space the data you want to store would occupies in the storage and how bit pattern stored is interpreted.

6. Scope rules : Scope in programming languages is a region of the programme where defined variable can have it existence and beyond the variable it can not be accessed. 

7. Variables : variables is a name given to a storage where your programmes can manipulats either you put operator or not.

8. Operators : operators are normal symbol we use to perform some specific mathematical function(addition,subtraction,multiplication,division, increment and dicrement) e.g  +, -, *, --, %, ++, and /

9. Statement / Decision Making : this path deal with telling computer to do some basic thing if something is okay, good, or right and do other thing else if its not okay,good, or right... it simple anyway! 

10. Loop : Loop is used when you got to some situation when block of codes require to be excute in bunch of number of times, in this path statements are excuted according to there number in the code.

11. Array :Array is used to sore collection of data and call it individually when needed master this topic very well.

12. Structures : Structure is used to represent a record its simple and cool to learn you just need to master its syntax and go advanced.

13. Input And Output : As the name implies input and output, it mean the means of feeding some data to a programme and displaying some data on the screen, printer, or in any file and in any format.

14. File I/O : This is the last chapter you should explore deep it cover how programmers can create, open, close, file for there data storage, so this chapter will take you through the important calls for file managements

Now  that you have the basic steps to learning programming faster i hope is should be no problem in learning programming faster at most to learn your first programming languages  should not cost you more than two week with this Descriptive guided i had given you,
I hope by now you had gotten some basic and advance tip to learning programming faster please kindly drop your comment let me know your own view about this content or you might have any question or a particular number where you want me to dig more THANKS.

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Which Programming Language Is Good For A Starter?

Which Programming Language Is Good For A Starter?

Which Programming Language Is Good For A Starter?
Which Programming Language Is Good For A Starter?

Hello it another wonderful day today we shall be looking to which Programming language is good to learn as a beginner but on this post I am not going to tell you that precisely the best Programming Language to learn and before you would have finish reading this post you will know how to go step by step and to choose the best Programming Language that suite you. So on this post I will be enlight you about the purpose of the top and the most used Languages by Programmer of this time and this post will guide you to choosing the best.
So here are some top popular Programming Languages you should learn:

Which Programming Language Is Good :

1. JAVA:

Thou most new Programmer a afraid of JAVA , WHY? Because it somehow complicated to the seeing the syntax itself whot something that can stop a mission, lols, but believe me java is simple for the review i got while gathering my information if you are focus and passionate about it
More than 90% of android apps are created/coded in JAVA. It is also used in big (big means big) websites as well. It is a portable Programming Language which makes it easy to use on multi platforms and every easy to learn.

2. Java Script:

This is the first Programming Language I venture into when I personally wanna start, JS is simple anyway it use in WEB/HTML/CSS Programming Its a browser/client side Language. It makes the webpage more interactive like now you might have came across some pop ups to do something while loading some webpage on the internet. This kind of functionalities are added into webpages with JavaScript. Javascript brought about a revolution in webapps. And as well you can make games and application softwares using JAVASCRIPT

3. Assembly Language:

This is The most low level Programming Language because its nothing more than machine code written in human readable form its simple and mostly use by old IT experts. Its hard to write and you need to have deep understanding of computers and how it works to use this because you are really talking with the computer system . Its very fast in terms of execution, it runs faster than any other Language.

4. C:

This is the basic Programming Language many believe it’s the first advance Programming Language Its a low level Language too but its prettily cool and transparent that’s why its fast. It is used to program operating system, computer games and software which need to be fast. It is hard to write anyway but gives you more control of your computer with this you can make anything you wish.

5. C++ :

This is C with advanced features and those features make it more complex or complicated but they share the same step to to write and there syntax are different its faster than C and its mostly use by GAME Programmer .

6. Perl:

This Language was developed to create small scripts easily . Programming in Perl is easy and efficient but the programs are comparatively slower and the syntax require tough matering.

7. Python:

Python Programming Language is the advanced Perl Programming Language which was made better and named Python. Its easy to use and some programmer recommend it for beginner but I’m not sure you should go to it, its efficient and flexible. You can automate things with python in a go and its moslty use by new hackers.

8. Ruby:

Its similar to Python Programming Language but it became popular when they created a web application development framework named Rails which lets developers to write their web application conveniently it a web Programming Language just like JS and is also good like that of JS it is mostly use by webdevelopers.

9. HTML and CSS:

HTML and CSS are Languages not Programming Language because they are just used display things on a website. They do not do any actual processing the run they way youcode them. It mend for to create the basic structure of the website. Those stuff that shows on the webpage and then CSS is used to make it look good with css you do most design of the website and this two Language is the first Language a webdeveloper will consider it is used mostly be web developer/programming.

10. PHP: 

It is used to process things in a website. It is server-sided Language as it doesn’t get executed in user browser, but on the server. It can be used to generate dynamic webpage content it can as well be used in place of SQL but SQL suite its status i.e SQL is best for its options.

11. SQL: 

This is not a Programming Language. It is used to interact with databases, you use this Language to tell how you want your file in database. It is mainly a database Language and it is used mostly by those developer that would be dealing with file and base.
Is this list long? NO because there are soo many Programming Language but I introduced you to the popular ones that rock most.

So now its time for the question for today,
Which Language Should Be Your First Programming Language?
Well I don’t have the right to choose a Programming Language for you. So I will suggest you three of them that are the basic of every Programming,

1. Getting Started

Learn HTML & CSS. They are too easy and will give you a basic idea of how what is Programming and how Programming works. You will be able to create webpages. After HTML and CSS you can go with JAVASCRIPT so you can interact with your user so after this you can move to PHP and SQL, so will have a good grasp over web designing and then you can go with python, C or Java. I assure you that PHP, HTML and SQL will be definitely useful in your hacking or blogging journey.

2. Understanding Computer And Programming Better

C..The classic C! C is one of the most foundational Programming Language. If you learn C, you will have a deep knowledge of Computers and you will have a greater understanding of Programming too so coding in other Language wont be tough, it will make you a better programmer,improve your coding and the art of Programming. You will spend most of your time compiling though (just trying to crack a joke) but that how you grow the more you compile you know how the code compiled works.

3. Too Eager To Create Programs? It normal anyway

Python! Python is very easy to learn and you can create a program which does something instead of Programming calculators. Well Python doesn’t start you from the basics but with if you know python, you will be able to understand other Languages better because all those Language require the same step to learn only there syntaxs are different. One benefit of python is that you don’t need to compile the script to run it, just write one and run it and you will see how it work but honestly no Programming Language is hard if you dedicate your time to it.

So these are three suggested Languages that deserve to be your starter so you can easily grown and choice is totally yours.

Chose A Language To Start Now What?

Now you need a resource to learn your desired Programming Language. It can be a book, a program or an online platform.
If you want to learn web Languages (like HTML & CSS, JS, and PHP) you start with good pdf files and start you jorney


By now I’m sure you now know what programme suite you mostly, be it you wanna do hacking or web, game, and softwares  Programming I believe I had set your legs on the track if you found this 1,302 word articles/blog-post helpful in any way you can encourage me with the comment box. And If you have any question kindly drop it below  thanks

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What Is Blogging

 What Is Blogging 


Blogging is not too tough as you've taught but the secrete that behind Blogging is that the more you are addicted to it the more you face issues, fixes them and that makes you a guru blogger yea, you doubt it? ,i mean a GURU_BLOGGER"
I’m glad you landed on my first post on this blog and to be honest I’m so happy having you here thanks for that anyway.
Yea lets unlock the Topic and as well as my blog first blogpost
Here we are, this topic it comprises of the following... 

1. What is a blog/web log

2. What is blogging

3. How to make a blog

now let start one by one so we can make our what is blogging topic easy to learn, I intentionally broke this topic to sub-content so I can have time/space to expatiate them one after one to depth. 
      What is a blog : from history and researched on search engines a blog is the same as a web-log, but how was this word/keyword BLOG  derived,
Certainly to my view and searches it was derived from the two words web and log. The first letter ‘B’log was derived from “WEB” and the order LOG
Before we move further what is Web, Log, and BLOG entirely

i.   WEB : thanks to wikipedia; a web is a space of document on the Internet where you can access information over the medium of the Internet. It is an information-sharing model that is built on the Internet. I hope this is cool?

ii.  LOG : Log has a very simple and attractive definition, without stress I discover log is just a space of recording information. I could remember those old days at secondary school that my school principal does not like anything else than the LOG and the MEMO book  he opens new record every day,, I hope you now understand what I mean by a BLOG: its a simple arithmetic WEB + LOG and you will arrived at the very BLOG or WEBLOG i.e


      Now to your view and to all this that I have explained above what should be the term blogging. In English most word that end in ING carried a present tense tag? I hope I’m good in English, lol.  Blogging is the management and operating either a personal,business, or organization BLOG, which you would be uploading your daily stuff in it.

          HOW TO START A BLOG  :

      Making a blog is so easy this days you can get a blog in any how so far you can afford some little bucks. And beside there are lot of free blog out there thou they are not 100% reliable but in-case you are on the start you can use a free one now, and later change to premium once, mind you we are still  on >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
      How to make a blog : welcome back ; so to make a blog you need to learn any of the following.


i.               WordPress : as of the moment I write this post wordpress is the most used CMS and I’m sure you’ll love it its cool, easy to use and it build with lots of design which mean you can switch to any new design you prefer much better at any time.

ii.               Jomoola : As of the moment i write this post jomoola is the second ranked most used CMS and it also like WordPress it cool and you can tweak the design the way you like

iii.              Drupal : This is the third one you are to use if you would be creating a professional blog. most people find it more complicated than any CMS but i believe it just require time to mastering  it.

And the last ones that I will tagged and include here are free open space where you can  make a blog in mins

i.        : Mind you blog is quite different from the WordPress it told you to learn but with its a free blog host, you can get a free blog you can use for the main time you will be buoyant to go premium and if you are buoyant enough you can employ someone to do it for you if you can do it or if you are timeless but, I implore you learn and do it your self, that’s the good act

ii.          : google blog or google hosted blogs, this blog is also free blog host you can easily opt-in with you google account details and create a blog that all


So far so good by now I hope you have learnt how to make a blog, understand what a blog mean and what is blogging in all… thank you for time.. I love to here from you if you appreciate my words or get any question or qualms do drop comment and I will instantly reply you thanks  

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About this blog

My name is Toluwase i am a full time blogger and the author of this tutorial blog call i'm 100% sure you are here to know about this blog right? i'm not too tough in tell about my passion on this project, anyway but i will give it a short and add some picture and why i created this blog.

Well, This is a blog which i made to teaching IT,Blogging,Content management,and Programming. I created this nice blog to teach the best of IT, Blogging, Content, Coding i don't just choose to blog on this categories anyway, the passion i had for this categories drive me to making this blog.

I am a certified Ethical hacker, Blogger, Web-designer, Programmer and a Content developer. I would say this are the terms that really course me to making this blog.

My first time to learn all this stuff i had above stated was complicated honestly i do research all day and night but i say they would sometime proved futile not knowing is it because i had it because i had never gotten a good tutor i stopped every thing then.

I started over again and by now i can boldly say i'm doing fine with my skills Thanks to some of my friend that had help me throughout my way and now i had gotten to some IT certificates. By this i have create this blog to teach you guy all have learn and more than it Therefore look foreword to nice, descriptive, and detailed articles and blogpost on this blog CLICK HERE TO CONTACT ME